Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yellow meadow.
Port Gamble rose.
Ivan's friend Patrick.
view from the docks
Mr. Krab
My beautiful Great-Grandma looking at the beautiful view from her house.
Grandma in Port Townsend.
I love this shot because it makes Ericka look so little

an angry Ivan

moss on a tree in grandmas front yard

an owl in grandmas window on your way upstairs, I LOVE IT!

a little pathway of heaven

the very beautiful green creek across from grandmas house, 
with huge green slugs.

cancer donations

grandpas old trail hidden in the bushes.

a nice red tree in all the green

following the sun

i am fascinated with these little flowers that grow on their grass.

that's his thinking spot......I think.

Dad and Ivan walking down a very scenic street.
A very large buzzing bee:)

i have no idea what it is, but it looks tasty:)

Ivan and his giant dande.

This is the one he wanted to bring home for mom.

flowers.....too many flowers.


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